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Hedgerow haircuts 21/2/2015

A major cut back of the hedges has just been completed along all the avenues. Privet is a fast growing shrub and even when it is regularly trimmed, the width of the hedge gradually increases over time as the woody branches grow outwards and upwards. Please be careful of thorns! There are a few hawthorn plants amongst the privet and hence there may be some thorns around which could give you a puncture.

The decision to pay a contractor to do this was taken by the committee in order to improve access all around the site – some stretches had become very narrow and were almost impassable without scratching passing vehicles.

The sides facing the avenues have been cut but not the tops. Some will look a bit bare for a while, but will soon grow back in the spring. We hope this makes it easier for everyone to get around and remind all gardeners that it’s your responsibility to keep all your hedges trimmed (inside, outside and tops) on the avenues and between the plots (your side and top). This is checked as part of the twice yearly inspection – the first of which this year will be on 28th April 2016.

Hedge bottoms (on the avenues) are also part of the inspection – these need to be kept weed, litter and rubble free please. Weeds can either be hoed or kept down by a strip of landscape fabric covered with a good layer of wood chip from one of the car parks. Black plastic weighted down with bricks or rubble tends to look unsightly and is discouraged.

Thanks for your help in keeping the site well maintained and looked after.


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Everyday #Nottingham #Allotment life or some kind of #wildlife nightmare. What's YOUR take - https://t.co/dmYoEW6ktx https://t.co/AvRD0LX52W
- Friday May 27 - 8:56am

@The_RHS thanks, much appreciated!
- Tuesday Sep 15 - 6:47pm

#Ashbourne #Derbyshire just what the doctor ordered! 😎 http://t.co/GJAm3ZGzAw
- Sunday Sep 13 - 4:17pm

There still some lovely blooms out there to been enjoyed! 😀 http://t.co/OLYXfgafxD
- Sunday Sep 13 - 4:14pm

Common Blue, just sat on a blade of grass, let me pick it and the grass up without moving, nice! 😀 http://t.co/HLhWZsUzsx
- Sunday Sep 13 - 4:13pm