Main Gate Security

The main gates to Whitemoor Allotments were left open on Saturday night (1/3/14) and had to be secured by an allotment holder at 9pm, which we consider completely ludicrous in light of recent events, this should NOT be happening.

May we remind ALL tenants that this is an evictable offense.

• The site gates must be secured at ALL times.
• The gates should NEVER be left open for others that are ‘en-route’.
• Allotment site keys should NEVER be lent to none allotment holders.

Every care MUST be taken to ensure that Whitemoors site security is uppermost.

This isn’t an issue raised by our recent break in, but this does flag that every effort should be made to protect our site, its people and contents within it.

People found not to be adhering to these basic site rules will be evicted immediately without question.

We’re sorry to be so stringent about this but as is evident the results of gates being left open can be disastrous.

Many thanks.

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