It is that time of year when rents are due and new tenancy agreements are signed.  I’m afraid we won’t be encouraging people to hang around and chat this year (no drinks or biscuits) and we trust everyone will respect social distancing when they go to pay their rent.

  • Everyone¬†must pay their rent between 10 and 12.00 any Saturday in October (There will be a late payment fee and you run the risk of relinquishing your plot if you do not pay in October) If there is a really good reason why you cannot make that particular time then please email and we will work out a mutually convenient time.
  • Rents remain the same as last year (some slightly less to account for their volunteering hours)
  • Cheque or cash – I’m afraid we don’t have the facility to take cards
  • Please wear a mask (we will be providing some if you need one)
  • You are eligible for a 25% discount if you are in receipt of a state pension or on job seekers allowance (we are only allowed to give this benefit if we see evidence of your eligibility so please bring that with you). I’m sorry apparently tax credits are not counted.