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Allotments are very much in demand these days and Whitemoor Allotments is one of the most popular sites in Nottingham with a fairly long waiting list. It typically takes 1 – 2 years from putting your name down on the waiting list to being offered a plot. Our plots come in various shapes and sizes, the biggest of which are around 600 square yards (or approx 500 square metres), though there are a number of smaller gardens where large plots have been divided up to make them easier to manage.

What’s involved

Taking on an allotment is a big commitment and takes quite a bit of time and effort to maintain. This includes regular cutting of the fast growing privet hedges that surround most plots as well as cultivating the soil to produce vegetables and fruit. You’re also expected to lend a hand to maintain the communal areas of the site through monthly work parties. Having said that, growing your own produce is very satisfying and it’s a really healthy pastime with lots of fresh air and exercise. Plus, Whitemoor is a very friendly site with lots of opportunities to meet other gardeners: it’s a thriving community of people with a passion for growing. There’s a shop where you can buy essential supplies on Saturday mornings and there are regular get-togethers in our community cabin.

What’s the cost?

The annual rent for a plot is £0.13 per square metre, plus a charge for mains water. A full size plot costs about £100 per year in total (less than £2 a week). There is a 25% discount for retired people or those on a benefit or universal credit. Rents are due in October each year. This rental amount is subject to change.

Whitemoor waiting list

If you would like to apply to join the Whitemoor waiting list, please call into the site on a Saturday morning (from 10am) and ask for an application form in the shop. Sorry we no longer have an online version of the form as we became overwhelmed with too many applications to manage. The volunteers in the shop will be pleased to answer any questions you may have about having an allotment as they are all Whitemoor gardeners themselves. Once you are on the waiting list, we will let you know when vacant plots become available to view. We keep a current copy of the waiting list on the noticeboard outside the shop.

(Due to the Covid-19 crisis, the shop is presently closed, therefore if you would like to join the waiting list at this time, please send an email to whitemoorsecretary@gmail.com and provide your name, address, and contact telephone numbers)

Thanks for your interest in Whitemoor Allotments.


  • Applying for a plot and joining the waiting list

Anyone can apply for a plot by completing an application form in person at the shop on Saturday morning between 10.00am and 12.00 midday. There is normally a waiting list; application forms will be kept on file and applicants will be notified when plots become available.

  • Being removed from the waiting list

Applicants will be removed from the waiting list when one of the following happens:

  1. They inform the association they no longer want to be considered for a plot at Whitemoor.
  2. They take on a tenancy of a plot.
  3. They do not respond to a request from the association to confirm that they still want their details to remain on file.

Applicants who have been removed can reapply at any time by completing a new application form at the shop. They will be deemed to have joining the waiting list on the date of reapplication; this will not be backdated to the date they previously joined.

  • Viewing of vacant plots

Where several plots are vacant at once, the association will contact everyone on the waiting list and invite them to a group viewing, which will usually take place on a Saturday morning. At the viewing, applicants will be invited to express a preference for one or more of the vacant plots. Where possible, alternative viewing arrangements will be made on request for any applicants unable to make the group viewing, but this will depend on Whitemoor volunteers’ availability and so cannot be guaranteed.

Where a single plot is available, either a group viewing will be arranged as above, or the longest-waiting applicant will be invited to view the plot.

  • Allocation of vacant plots

Plots will be allocated to applicants who have attended a viewing and expressed a preference for the plot in question, in order of waiting list application date. This is to reduce the incidence of offers being turned down and ensure that plots are let as quickly as possible, while retaining priority for those waiting longest.

  • If you already have a plot on Whitemoor

You and your immediate family members can only hold a tenancy for one plot at a time. If you would like to transfer to a different plot, you should contact the Tenancy Working Group directly to discuss your needs and what suitable alternative plots are available. The Management Committee needs to agree to the transfer before it can happen.

If you are a joint tenant (that is, you share your plot with one or more other tenants) and you have all agreed that you should take over the plot as a sole tenant, this can happen at the next rent-taking in October as long as you have been a joint tenant for at least 12 months.


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