Barrels Of Fun!

How about an ingenious way to turn your compost?

Do you get tide of trying to fork over your compost, it sticks together and can be quite difficult a task at at times, well a Whitemoor garden holder has just the device, a compost bin on wheels!

Your read right, these compost bins are mounted onto casters with a bolted flap to access the contents, the other fantastic feature of these composters is that they are made from nothing more than humble blue water butts.

Spinning Composter

They’re quite easy to make for someone with a basic knowledge of diy.

First job is to cut out a piece from the blue barrel/water butt, for the compost material, cut a slot 400mm x 200mm approx carefully with a jigsaw, as this piece needs to be kept.

Attach the hinges, to the main barrel, and to the peice that was cut out, to make the barrel complete, attaching garden bolts/pin locks at same time with 5mm nuts and bolts.

The frame simply nailed together peices of 75 x 75 timber, or old joists and bricks to make it easier to load, unload, turn and use.

Then fix the casters to the frame, ensure the casters are at the edges of the barrel where the plastic can support the weight of the composter when full and can be rolled.

The composter works really well, the weeds should turn into compost quite quickly.

If you fancy taking the strain out of composting, why not give them a spin – quite literally!

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