Dear All,

I am sorry to have to report a very substantial burglary from our containers and several allotments on Wednesday night/ Thursday morning 27/02/14.

The burglars cut the fencing to gain acess to the site. They entered the NOGS (Nottingham Organic Gardeners)  plot and stole their generator.   They have been through at least 10 other gardens, so you need to let us know at the shop  (or by email or telephone – see contact details) if you have had any damage or loss.  Several locks have been cut off gates and several gardens have reported malicious damage to property.


From our equipment containers, which were cut open using bolt cutters, they stole the large lawnmower (they left the 2 broken ones), three of the strimmers, both of the generators and both of the heavy-duty Stihl hedge trimmers.   They also stole the 5HP shredder and other items.   We are very surprised that our shipping containers were breached so easily!

We are unlikely to get any of it back, but  police representatives  come down Friday afternoon to inspect the site.  The details of the missing equipment will be passed on and should any be recovered we stand a chance of getting it back.

Charlie has arranged for repairs to the damaged container-lock-shields and to the shop lock.   If anyone else has detail of serial numbers and/or make of missing equipment, please let us have them, so we can pass them on to the police.

If anyone has surplus kit, we would be grateful to get hold of it.

Hoping for a better year,

Phil Clare  (Chairman)

PS don’t forget to collect your potato orders and onions from the shop.   Shallots were running low, but Hilary has got a few more in for sale.

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