It is a requirement of your tenancy agreement that your garden is kept in a tidy state and is properly cultivated (clause 18) Therefore there will be a plot inspection on Saturday 15th June between 10am and 1pm.

On this inspection we will be checking the condition of your garden. Please ensure that at least 50 percent of your garden has been cultivated for fruit and vegetables and that you do not have any non gardening items and rubbish laying around.

Although hedges will not be checked on this inspection due to nesting birds, please note that hand shears can still be used on the avenue side so that cars can pass down easily without being scratched!

If you do have items that you consider to be useful and are keeping these for projects on your plot, please ensure that they are neatly kept in one place (ideally covered with a tarp) and not all over your garden.

Best wishes,

WGHA (Tenancies)

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