Mystery Misteltoe?

It may not quite be Christmas just yet but never the less we received our first sprig of mistletoe…well, via our email inbox that is!

So, be honest how many of you know about the life of  mistletoe?

We don’t mind at all owning up to not really having much of an idea at all…well, until a Whitemoor garden holder explained and sent in some pics of his plants to help us out – it was a true revelation! to us.

These small, but beautiful sprigs were grown from mistletoe berries that are quite literally crushed onto the surface of an apple tree branch, they then do the rest all by themselves.

Mistletoe’s a parasitic species and so therefore uses the apple tree to grow and develop, plus it’s extremely in demand and valuable.

The misteltoe we have at Christmas time is  normally from places such as Spain, our lush green revered plant goes abroad for amazing prices!

So now maybe you’ll be wanting some berries to grown some of this expensive little plant?

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