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Whist we have seen a reduction in the number of sheds and outbuildings broken into over the last year as Spring is just round the corner its worthwhile just taking a few minutes to review your security.

Sheds are often targeted by thieves because they are not designed to store valuable equipment and property – they were originally designed to house potting plants. Their fairly flimsy construction makes them easy to break into via the door, windows, walls or even the roof.

However, many homes have little outside storage space, so the shed inevitably becomes a place for storing items that are not wanted indoors.

We are working hard to prevent criminals from targeting sheds and properties, but you can play your part in making sure it is as difficult as possible for them.

Security Advice

 Shed door security

Fit a tough pad bar (also called hasp and staple) secured with coach bolts and a strong padlock to the shed door.

Replace standard hinges with strap hinges secured by coach bolts or use security screws on existing hinges.

Internal security

Fit a battery-operated shed alarm.

Chain tools, cycles and other valuable equipment together or to a ground anchor using a high security chain or cable and a good quality padlock. This is the most effective way of securing property in a shed as long as the chain and padlock are strong enough.

Have you marked the contents of your shed? Make a note of serial numbers and take a photograph of your items.

Register them at www.immobilise.com so police can prove they are yours if they are stolen and later recovered.

Consider using security marking systems such as Selectamark or SmartWater.

Shed window

It is better not to fit windows to sheds. However, if yours has a window, fit a window grille and/or a frosted window film to stop a potential thief seeing what’s inside your shed.

Garden security

Install outside security lighting operated by either movement sensor or photo electric cell (Dusk till Dawn light) to the garden area, giving coverage to the shed.

Secure the access to your shed and garden by locking gates and using thorny bushes next to walls and fences to prevent climbing.

Remember to secure gardening tools and equipment as they could be used by a criminal to break into your home.

Don’t leave ladders easily accessible outside. Chain them up to a secure point with a strong chain and padlock.

Make sure the shed is secure on its base. Use coach bolts or similar to secure it

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